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Ah, it’s been a great day for April Fools’ pranks this year, what with Google treating us to a worldwide pokémon outbreak and car maker BMW unveiling its “ZZZ” series sleep machine (any others I missed?). And now, Capcom – the Japanese company behind video game greats such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Mega Man – has announced that it is launching special dubbed versions of its top titles.

That’s right, folks, all of your favourite Capcom games are now available in neko-gocat language“, allowing Japan’s nyan population to join in the gaming fun.

According to a video released last night, Capcom Japan has received dozens of letters over the years from cat owners asking for dubbed versions of their games.

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Cats, it would seem, are really into games, and regularly watch their owners play.

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But they struggle to understand what’s going on, even with Japanese subtitles (as we all know, cats cannot read, and Japanese cats rarely speak more than one language). What they need is for the games’ makers to get some cats into the recording room and get some neko-go voice tracks down!

Thankfully, Capcom is a company that cares, and the cats’ wishes were not ignored. The games company quickly assembled a new sound design team called “Team Neko” to handle the nyantastic dubbing.

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You can check out the redubbed versions of Capcom’s popular games in the video below – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Our favourite by far has to be the cat “bullet” sounds featured in classic action platformer Mega Man at 01:08 — finally, the felines of the world can experience it like we do!

▼ And did the cats like the new versions of the games? 98.8% said yes!

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Source: Cap’stone via Jin