On April 15, representatives from Gifu Prefecture’s Chubu Gakuin University and its affixed junior college reached an agreement with Japan’s major retailer Aeon that will allow university students to earn credits while working part-time in paid internships. The deal was born out of a desire to provide students with more practical work experience while at the same time strengthening ties to the surrounding community.

With campuses in Seki City and Kakamigahara City, Chubu Gakuin University has a new incentive to attract incoming college students–the opportunity to complete a paid internship in their spare time between classes at Kakamigahara City’s Aeon shopping mall location.

▼ A typical Aeon shopping center in Japan


The deal, which is Aeon’s first-ever collaboration with an in-prefecture university, was struck in order to fulfill the university’s aim of providing students with more opportunities to gain practical working experience while in school. It also overlaps with Aeon’s overall goal of securing local human resources from a young and capable work force.

The agreement comes with a number of stipulations for student paid interns to receive university credit. First, students must participate in mandatory job training along with group discussions. In addition, they will be responsible for submitting weekly reports at the university, culminating in a formal presentation upon completion of their internships. Teaching staff will coach them through the entire process and be there to lend support along the way.

▼ University and Aeon officials sealing the deal at Chubu Gakuin University’s Seki campus. Representatives called the new collaboration an “unparalleled and meaningful opportunity for students to contribute to the local community.”


Approximately 30 Chubu Gakuin University students have already applied for one of the paid internship positions at Kakamigahara City’s Aeon mall. After a series of interviews, successful candidates will begin working in May.

Sources/Images: Gifu Shinbun Web via Hachima Kiko, Wikpedia (Kirakirameister)