Japanese university graduate students solve 2,000 year mathematical problem

Keio University researchers have solved the problem of a pair of unique triangles with the same perimeter and area. Laymen remain confused!
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Japanese schools are losing their pools due to rising maintenance costs and aging facilities

Sadly, quintessential anime scenes of rooftop swimming classes may be coming to an end soon.

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University in Kyoto offers free tuition to anyone over 100 years of age, over half off if over 50

Hanazono University hopes you’re never too old to get a bachelor’s in clinical psychology.

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Japanese government announces stricter requirements for foreigner student visas

New rules aims to close loophole that lets language school students spend as much of the year working full-time as attending class.

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Awesome Japanese elementary school teacher rewards kids who use independent learning on his tests

Learned everything covered in class? You get 100 percent. Learned more than what was covered in class? Then you get a bonus.

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8-year-old discovers untimely deaths of 15 percent of Kyoto’s cicada population

Wunderkind’s analytical prowess comparable to people three times his age.

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Most female doctors in poll can understand Tokyo medical school reducing female applicant scores

Majority say they can see some sort of logic behind university systematically reducing women’s entrance exam scores by up to 20 percent.

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Tokyo Medical University accused of dropping women’s entrance exam scores 10-20 percent each year

Source says score-rigging was born out of concern that many “female doctors quit their jobs after having children.”

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Flexible teachers DO exist in Japan: First-grader gets full credit for “wrong” math test answers

There are no wrong answers, as long as you’ve got the right question.

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Student penalized for writing the number “4” the “wrong” way on worksheet

And in the process learns a lot about life.

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Tokyo women’s university will accept transgender students who identify as female, a Japan first

School asserts that it will accept female-identifying students even if they are listed as male on their legal family registry.

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Tough-as-nails bullied Japanese schoolgirl stays home from school, but not because she was sad

After standing up for classmate and becoming bully’s target herself, elementary schooler decided to send a message that took years to be heard.

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American otaku attends college graduation accompanied by his anime girl huggy pillow【Video】

Young man in Southern California has a degree, and also a very clear opinion on who Love Live!’s best girl is.

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Japanese scholarly society video of college girl falling in love with teacher found inappropriate

Chemistry organization’s video is full of heartache and drama, really short on science.

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P.E. advice from an old teacher has Japanese Twitter saying nice things about exercise for once

If you naturally flee from physical activity, maybe you just have to focus on when you get faster at it.
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Japanese teacher gives secret love letter to junior high schoolgirl, gets his heart broken

30-something educator should really be old enough to know his love confession was immature and inappropriate.

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Japanese school’s ethics text encourages kids to “work without reward,” gets slammed online

Exasperated mom says cute animal characters are showing young students exactly what not to do in life.

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Supposedly simple math homework for Japanese elementary kid stumps gamer dad, with good reason

”If you spent four hours and 40 minutes playing video games, how much time did you waste?” has no easy answer.

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Japanese Twitter user embarrassed to learn why American friend is studying Japanese, not Chinese

Reason goes beyond just “Because I like Japan.”

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Almost half of Japanese grade-school girls say they’ve never heard of “programming” in survey

Troubling statistic is coupled with an additional one-in-four saying they’ve heard the word, but don’t know what it means.

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