Despite the Attack on Titan franchise being massively popular on an international scale, why is it that the toy companies just can’t seem to get the darn character figurines right?

We’ve already seen the shoddy Levi figure that surfaced last year, and now there appears to be another disappointing officially licensed Eren model on the market, too. And we have to say, we really can’t blame one fan for lamenting the poor quality of her new toy at all…

One Japanese Attack on Titan fan was eager to show off her newly arrived official Attack on Titan Eren figurine, but what she got in the mail wasn’t quite what she was expecting. Understandably, she then took to Twitter to voice her dismay:

▼ “I bought the ‘Vol. 1 Eren’ from the official Attack on Titan figure collection…I wonder if I can return it. His face is completely warped…”

▼ “I don’t see Eren’s face at all…”

She then posted some follow-up messages the next day:

▼ “I could kind of see the resemblance in the assembled Eren figure that arrived yesterday, but then I found myself staring at the box again. G-Good morning, Eren…”

▼ “The head fell off when I took it out of the box just now. It’s SUPPOSED to be removable…right??”

▼ “It looked like he was in so much pain that I gave up and put it back in the box…”

But wait! She appears to have found an ingenious solution:

▼ “I’m trying to think of ways to fix him. If I just touch up one of the eyes and add a bandage around the other, maybe something will come of it…err, not really.”

Poor Eren, and poor Twitter user @kaorukosandesu. Let’s hope that the shipped versions of the currently on sale “Titan Eren” figure won’t have the same problem.

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter (@kaorukosandesu) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)