Tapioca onigiri brings boba to the world of rice balls

People in Japan are going crazy for boba ball rice balls.

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HacoKara Karaoke Box: The best way to de-stress at the cinema in Japan

Mr Sato belts out a tune in the phone-booth style box and emerges like Superman.

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Major retailer in Japan announces it will be “cumming soon”

TMI, Aeon…TMI.

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Hokkaido man arrested for pretending to visit Aeon shopping centers 2.7 million times

And so ends the Great Aeon Loyalty Point Heist of ’18.

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University students in Gifu Prefecture can now earn credits while working at Aeon shopping mall

On April 15, representatives from Gifu Prefecture’s Chubu Gakuin University and its affixed junior college reached an agreement with Japan’s major retailer Aeon that will allow university students to earn credits while working part-time in paid internships. The deal was born out of a desire to provide students with more practical work experience while at the same time strengthening ties to the surrounding community.

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Happy 40th birthday, Aeon! Coca-Cola celebrates with limited edition LED coaster sets

Coca-Cola may not be the craziest company when it comes to special, limited edition drinks (although their Coke Orange was a pretty good), but what they lack in variety, they make up for when it comes to branded goods. Some neat finds over the years have included Coke can shaped glasses from McDonald’s, an ultra-rare gold Coke can, environmentally friendly vending machines, and the hugely successful Share a Coke campaign.

On December 1 Coca-Cola Japan launched a new product set, available only at Aeon in celebration of the store’s 40th anniversary of being a nationwide shopping center powerhouse. The limited quantity set is (probably) a must-have this holiday season.

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