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Many Japanese idol groups, such as the mega-popular AKB48, package incentives in with their CDs to get fans to buy multiple copies of the same exact thing. In AKB48’s case, the group occasionally includes voting ballots within special “election singles” that allow fans to vote for the member that will be featured most prominently on a new song.

Like AKB48, up-and-coming rock idol unit DEEP GIRL is using a system of incentives to encourage fans to buy their debut single, which will be released this summer. However, the group is taking an even more drastic approach by using a tiered system of prizes–along with the very real threat that the group will be instantly disbanded if their song doesn’t make it into the Oricon Weekly Top Ten.

Rock idol unit Deep Girl was born from the eponymously named Fuji TV variety show Deep Girl. The group is composed of seven female members, who are shown in the tweet below:

Their debut single, also named (surprise surprise) “Deep Girl,” will go on sale July 1 for 1,000 yen (US$8.38). The disc includes the original version of the track plus a karaoke version. Each CD jacket will feature one of the members, for a total of seven different versions.

Check out the promotional “Deep Girl” trailer:  

The release of a CD single comes with a very serious stipulation, however. If the group’s debut single doesn’t reach the Oricon Weekly Top Ten (Japan’s version of the Billboard music charts), the group will be disbanded.

As a further incentive for fans to buy up as many CDs as possible, first-press editions of the single will each come bundled with a star-shaped voucher, which can be redeemed for the following prizes:

– 1 star: You can participate in a future handshake event with the group.

– 5 stars: You can take photos with the members at said future handshake event.

– 5-10 stars: The group will send a movie message just for you.

– 30 stars: The group will go to karaoke with all eligible star-holders.

– 50 stars: The group will write a letter just for you.

– 75 stars: The group will send you a morning wake-up call for one week.

– 100 stars: The group will hold a photography session with you. You also get to share their homemade cookies.

– 150 stars: You can participate in an hour-long phone conversation with the members.

– 300 stars: You can have lunch with the member of your choice; includes an ear-cleaning (a very intimate act in Japanese culture).

– 500 stars: You can have dinner with the member of your choice; includes an ear cleaning and taking purikura together.

– 1,000 stars: You can have a day-long date with the member of your choice; if the circumstances work out, it may even culminate with fireworks.

– 2,000 stars: You can go on a hot springs trip together–but be warned, there is no mixed-bathing.

▼ Join us for hot springs! ♪


While Deep Girl isn’t the first group to try to raise their total number of sales in this manner, this blatant tactic of bribing the public into buying their CDs is starting to rub some Japanese people the wrong way. “What’s happening to the Japanese music scene!?” wrote one lamenting net user. “Who would spend that kind of money on copies of the same exact CD? Instead of buying 2,000 CDs, you should go on a trip overseas instead!”

Deep Girl doesn’t have an official website yet, but you can follow the group’s ongoing promotional activities at their official Twitter account here.

Sources: Barks via My Game News Flash
Featured/insert images: YouTube (SR Records)