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We’re super excited for the impending release of the new Digimon. Fans and artists are all speculating about the story and design for this new six-part movie series. Details suggest the original cast of “digi-destined” will be back, which means our favorite original Digimon will be back too.

Toy makers are fueling the hype machine, too, as Mega House is releasing a set of figures of your favorite season-one Digimon. These little guys are so cute, you won’t be able to stop yourself from singing that catchy theme song!

After celebrating their 15th anniversary, the Digimon creators knew exactly how to fire up their grown up fan base, by bringing back the original team. Fans of the series will certainly tune in again to see how these lovable characters have grown up over the years. Before the November release of the first movie titled Sakai (Reunion), toy maker Mega House is releasing a brand new set of partner Digimon in-training and rookie figures. In what appears to be the first in a series of Digi-kore (Digimon Collection), you will be able to get Agumon, Patamon, Palmon and Gomamon and all of their previous Digivolutions.

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▼ Agumon

digimon 4

▼ Botamon and Koromon

digimon 8

▼ Patamon

digimon 5

▼ Poyomon and Tokomon

digimon 9

▼ Palmon

digimon 6

▼ Yuramon and Tanemon

digimon 10

▼ Gomamon

digimon 7

▼ Pichimon and Bukamon

digimon 11Tokomon fans (the Digivolution below Patamon) can win an alternate version of this cute little guy through a Mega House lottery.

▼ “Win me! Win me!”

digimon 20

These Digimon make a sweet companion to the already in-stock G.E.M. series, pairing some of your favorite Digimon with their trainers.

▼ Sweet diorama pieces not included

digimon 21

These pre-painted figures will go on sale in September for a suggested retail price of 600 yen (about US$5) each. Fans looking to collect the whole set should see about getting a box as that should contain all eight figures. If your favorite Digimon isn’t among the first set, you don’t have to worry as this is only series one or DATA1, as they call it. We’re sure to see the rest of the colorful Digital Monster cast in the coming months.

digimon 12

digimon 13

digimon 14

digimon 15

digimon 16

digimon 17

digimon 18

digimon 19

Source: Twitter (@mega_girlshobby) via nivimen
Images: Twitter (@mega_girlshobby), Megahobby Station