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Anime magical girls lead busy lives, especially Cardcaptor Sakura’s Sakura Kinomoto. With 50-plus magical cards to track down, plus all of the study responsibilities of an ordinary elementary school student, the young heroine must have her days planned down to the minute.

Likewise, being too young for a driver’s license, Sakura is in for a lot of walking around outside in the elements on her quest to find the mystical Clow Cards. And if you find yourself in similar need of a way to keep track of the time while keeping the sun and rain off yourself, anime fashion brand Super Groupies has got you covered with a new Cardcaptor Sakura wristwatch and umbrella.

Starting off with the watch, the first thing you’re likely to notice is the soft pink hue, often referred to as “sakura-colored” in Japan, of the suede band.

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▼ The back of the casing is stamped with the name of Super Groupies’ creative partner on the timepiece, Feerique Gateau.

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But the color isn’t the only nod to Cardcaptor Sakura, or even the cutest. That title goes to the eight different charms the watch comes with.

▼ Oh, wow, is it Kero-chan o’clock already?

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Give the watch face cover a few counterclockwise twists with your fingers, and it can be removed, revealing a compartment in which you can put Sakura’s adorable familiar, sweets-loving Spinel, the magical Sealing Wand, and more.

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Meanwhile, the Cardcaptor Sakura umbrella keeps the pretty-in-pink theme going with this girlish, frilled design.

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While there’s no dangling Kero-chan figure to be found, Sakura’s sidekick does show up as a Mickey Mouse-like silhouette on the fabric pattern, which also features stars and crescent moons.

▼ The relatively low contrast between the white and pink of the umbrella means he’s a little hard to spot in photos, so we’ve gone ahead and circled him here.

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As dainty as the umbrella may look, it’s not strictly a parasol, as the material is strong enough to handle rainfall, plus the steel and aluminum frame should make it at least somewhat sturdy against strong winds.

▼ It doesn’t look half bad closed up, either.

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The 12,000-yen (US$101) Cardcaptor Sakura wristwatch can be ordered here from Super Groupies, with delivery scheduled for early September. Those looking to purchase the 5,800-yen umbrella, which ships in late September, should head here.

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