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We all know Japan likes to have a character for just about everything, and we also know the country has a long history of sexualizing things that really don’t need to be. So KFC Japan’s new mascot character of a sexy anthropomorphized chicken with huge boobs should surprise no one. And yet, I confess myself surprised. Or maybe creeped out is a better way of putting it.

The character is promoting KFC Japan’s new boneless chicken pieces and is part of a set of free stamps for the popular messaging app LINE which can also be used as coupons at the fast-food restaurant.

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As you can see, the booby chicken is the main star, but there’s also a male chicken characterwith a bone, naturally—and a very pervy-looking cartoon Colonel Sanders.

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The characters even have a whole backstory. The male hunk of meat is Momofu (roughly “thigh guy”), while she’s Muneko (“breast girl”). Apparently, they are a newly married couple. He proposed to her with a manly hone-don (a play on the kabe-don meme using the word “hone” or “bone”) and she keeps things hot and heavy with her sweet sayings and poses.

I’m not sure there could be anything more wrong with this, unless they wanted to add a touch of cannibalism by having Momofu and Muneko themselves chow down on some KFC. But then again, the campaign has just started, so maybe that’s down the line. And it wouldn’t really surprise me either.

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