I’m sure we all harboured a secret crush on a school teacher at least once during our formative years. The operative word here being ‘secret’, mind you.

Spare a thought for this poor Japanese teacher who was faced with open declarations of love, and even a marriage proposal, from one of her students, but who responded to them all with real aplomb.

In the this tale of unrequited love, a young man going by the name of Muraki used his class worksheets as a way of declaring his feelings for his teacher. He posted photos of his worksheets, which contained the exchanges between him and his teacher, Nakabayashi-sensei, for all to see on Twitter.

Follow the classroom drama as depicted through these photos.

Muraki wastes no time here, propositions his teacher with the message: “Will you marry me?”

The teacher replies bluntly in red ink: “Are you trying to start a fight with me?”

worksheet 1

On the second day, undefeated by his teacher’s rejection, Muraki persists in his quest for love: “I’m not starting a fight. I love you. Will you marry me?”

But his teacher keeps her cool, responding firmly: “Everyone is going to misunderstand this situation because of this…”


But giving credit where credit is due, she does praise his actual work with a “good”and a smiley face for his full marks, although that probably got his little heart racing. He clearly pays attention in class, and definitely deserves an A+ for effort in the romance stakes. He may not be his teacher’s love, but he could definitely be the teacher’s pet with grades like that.

Once bitten, twice shy, so the saying goes. But nothing is going to stop this persistent student, who continues with his notes. On the third day, Muraki asks: “Won’t you go on a honeymoon with me? How about Hawaii?”

The teacher, somewhat harshly responds with: “I want to go (to Hawaii, that is), but NOT with you, Muraki.”


Still not taking no for an answer, on his fourth attempt he enquires: “So when shall we have the wedding then? REALLY, you DO want to come to Hawaii with me.”

In a final crushing blow, the teacher tells him flatly, “I cannot marry you.”


With final hard proof of rejection, Muraki is forced to give up.

He may not have won the heart of his teacher, but he has won the hearts of many followers on Twitter, who all feel his pain and are, weirdly, still cheering him on. Apparently, he is now even getting proposals from other Twitter users!

May he never give up on love, and, one day, find a more age-appropriate love once school is out.

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