Some people may think that video games are a mindless way to pass time, but anyone who’s spent a decent amount of time holding a controller knows that it can be so much more. Not only can games be mentally challenging, but you can even get pretty emotionally involved. You’ll always remember that moment when you beat that boss or finished that game for the first time.

One French artist is trying to preserve these memories for gamers around the world by creating beautiful art pieces that capture such special gaming moments in one-scene shots.

▼ Need some more Sonic in your life?


French artist Mikaël Aguirre, who goes by the handle Orioto, has turned a hobby into a career, preparing weekly art pieces based on video games that not only he, but gamers around the world, enjoyed. His pieces cover a pretty wide range of games, including plenty of Sega, Nintendo and Konami games.

▼ Of course, Pokémon could not be left out. Here’s “Cerulean Secret.”

cerulean secret_poke

Orioto will take a scene from a game and either redesign it in his own art style, or even reimagine the moment in a way that may not be exactly how you saw it while playing the game, but adds an extra element of awesome.

▼ He took this memorable scene from Mario Kart

mariokart 1

▼…and made it a little more modern and festive.


▼ He’ll also take memorable scenes, like this one from Zelda


▼… and reimagine them as something more scenic, like this.


▼ Orioto’s art is available in different sizes of posters, prints, wallpapers and even greeting cards.

[tweet align=center]

Every so often, he’ll create something requested by a fan or voted for by his followers on Facebook. If you have a special scene in mind that you’d like to have hanging in your home, by all means, send him a suggestion!

▼ Want to reminisce about Phantasy Star 4?

phantasy star4

▼ How about something from Secret of Mana?


▼ He even made a special Ghibli themed poster!


More of Orioto’s awesome work can viewed on his Twitter, Facebook or homepage, but be sure to check out the online store through RedBubble and make some purchases!

Source: Kotaku, Orioto
Images: Orioto