Japanese Twitter user reminisces about the tobacco box that led to her being born

A tiny twist of fate can have big repercussions – this woman owes her life to her grandfather’s metal cigarette box.

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Japanese mom finds adorable way to keep and recycle daughters’ cute pink baby onesie

If you have old baby clothes lying around, this might be a great way to use them!

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Best New Year’s idea ever: Japanese Twitter user opens jar of past year’s “saved happy memories”

Start your own now, because we’re going to need it by the end of 2018!

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This classroom is not for kids: We went back in time at the elementary school pub!

Do you ever long for the simplicity and innocence of elementary school? If so, the Rokunen Yonkumi Pub is just the place to soothe your heart’s yearnings and stir up warm memories!

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Preserve your gaming memories forever with these beautiful art pieces 【Pics】

Some people may think that video games are a mindless way to pass time, but anyone who’s spent a decent amount of time holding a controller knows that it can be so much more. Not only can games be mentally challenging, but you can even get pretty emotionally involved. You’ll always remember that moment when you beat that boss or finished that game for the first time.

One French artist is trying to preserve these memories for gamers around the world by creating beautiful art pieces that capture such special gaming moments in one-scene shots.

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