The SPCA has taught me that dogs can technically drive. But that doesn’t mean we should be handing them the keys and making them designated driver for Katy’s hen do. I mean, besides the fact they don’t even have thumbs, lovably distractable dogs are likely to veer off the road in pursuit of squirrels, other dogs’ butts, a weird shadow and pretty much anything they can put in their mouths. They’re clearly a hazard to other drivers.

And that’s why the police in Hanoi are looking for a man filmed speeding down the road at night letting his dog steer the bike.

The video shows a man on a motorbike with a dog placed on his lap. Despite moving down the road at a good clip, the man has his hands completely off the handlebars, letting the dog’s paws to steer them instead. He can be heard several times saying, “Good! Good!”

Yes, good boy. Who didn’t crash us into the median?! You didn’t!

While the dog’s driving skills are actually pretty impressive, people who have to share the road with his yahoo owner were not amused. Once the video was posted online, it came to the attention of the police and they are now trying to identify the man. If found, he will face fines of 5-7 million dong (US$230-320) and a suspended license for reckless driving, plus an additional 200,000 dong (about $10) for not wearing a helmet.

I wonder if he isn’t in violation of some leash laws as well.

Bottom line: if you’re taking your dog out to cruise for bitches, invest in a sidecar or you may get collared.

H/T Thanh Nien News
Top image: Durova / Wiki Commons