We’ve spoken a little before about how Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo has (arguably) kind of a dorky image in Japan. But you can’t fault the brand’s dedication to functional fashion, as well as their market savvy. By bringing out a range of Muslim-appropriate clothing for its stores in Singapore and Malaysia, Uniqlo has demonstrated once again why they should be everyone’s go-to place for stocking up on wardrobe essentials.

Let’s check out the new range!

The new collection is part of a collaboration between Uniqlo and designer Hana Tajima. The theme is “modest wear” and comprises several long-length skirts and dresses with simple blouses and even colourful hijabs.

The hijabs are constructed with AIRism technology, Uniqlo’s patented material which is kind of the opposite of their Heat Tech formula and absorbs moisture to help keep you cool and dry – perfect for the hot weather in Singapore and Malaysia.

Around 15 percent of Singapore’s citizens are Muslims, and in Malaysia, that number reaches 61.3 percent. So it makes perfect sense for Uniqlo to bring out a range that caters to people who may have different preferences as to the type of clothes they wear for religious reasons. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pieces on sale:

▼ This mustard-yellow cover-up is both modest and fun with its bright colour scheme.

▼ This loose and floaty skirt would feel nice and cool in hot weather.

The new range went on sale on July 3 this year in selected stores and online. More items from the collection can be seen on Uniqlo Singapore’s website.

The hijabs come in a variety of prints and the collection begins at a thrifty US$4.90. The most expensive items are the dresses at up to US$59.90.

The designer herself had this to say about the collection: “We want to create a collection that not only appeals to modern ladies who prefer to dress modestly, but also an international audience who desire clothes that fit comfortably and look contemporary. My collection is specially designed to allow effortless mix and match for the today’s women to express their own style.”

We’re glad to hear that Uniqlo is providing affordable and comfortable options for a wide range of people in the diverse spectrum of countries in which it operates.

Source: Cleo.com.sg, Uniqlo Singapore
Images: Uniqlo Singapore via Cleo.com.sg