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We never would have thought that people would pay real money for toys based on food refuse, but we guess that’s why we’ll never be rich. Someone in Japan obviously thought that a figure based on a banana peel was a good idea, because they designed it, sourced a manufacturer and put those slippery little guys on the market for everyone to buy.

And, wouldn’t you know it? They’re stupidly cute. Yeah, we just called banana peels cute. What’cha gonna do about it?!

Though moe is not a word you’d normally use with something as icky as banana peels, that hasn’t stopped Kitan Club from doing just that. And they’ve made a product that lives up to the name! Called “Banana no moe poozu ga iyou ni kawaii ken” (バナナの萌えポーズが異様にかわいい件), the figures’ name roughly translates as “The Case of the Banana’s Poses Being Strangely Cute.”

▼ Anything this hard to say wins by default.

Part of the adorability of the anthropomorphic peels is their tiny noses, which look as if they had been ripped right off a yawning kitten. A gruesome metaphor perhaps, but there’s no denying that the noses, combined with blushing cheeks as well as banana peel “arms” and “legs,” give the figures not only a cute look but one that we’d reckon would work well in a gritty Banana’s in Pajamas meets Sin City mashup.

▼ Just imagine them in tassels.

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▼ This happy gachapon customer knows what we’re talking about.

But while we were daydreaming about Marv tripping enemies up with the aid of a hard-boiled peel, Kitan Club was busy preparing their cute banana peels for launch! The gachapon figures are only 200 yen (US$1.60) a pop and come in a variety of colors and poses. There are three poses: the “pin-up” pose above, and the two sitting poses below.

▼ We think this is the “kicking your feet in the pool” pose.

bananer (7)

▼ And this is the…sitting puppy pose?

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The figures are available now, and you get them on online retailer Rakuten — with a some markup. Or you can head to your nearest gachapon machine and try to get lucky!

▼ Someone even live-tweeted their purchasing of the cute banana peels!

On one hand, we’re a bit sad these aren’t made from real banana peels. On the other hand, we’re really glad these aren’t made from real peels! Can you imagine the tripping hazard they would represent?! Cartoon logic dictates we’d have at least three broken backs by the end of the day.

And that’s not even mentioning the smell!

Sources: Kitan Club, ITMedia, Rakuten
Images: Kitan Club