We’ve documented plenty of the unusual-but-awesome gachapon figures coming out of Japan over the years, but these “poison mushroom” figures might just be the most unusual yet awesome figures we’ve seen to date! Combining the adorableness of tiny mushroom figures with the stomach-rending agony of eating poisonous mushrooms, these Poison Kinoko Plus figures will be right at home on your desk or hiding in your date’s plate of stir fry.


As you may have guessed from the “plus” tacked on to the end of the name, the three new figures, pictured in the center of the promotional image above, are actually new additions to the Poison Kinoko (“Poison Mushroom”) line released by ekoD Works last year. The original line, which contained the six poison mushroom figures below, have basically the same poses, but with the alternate coloring of various mushrooms.

shroom (2)

The figures can be bought at your favorite gachapon machine at 200 yen (US$1.70) per capsule. As always with capsule toys like these, luck can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Normally, you would be able to head over to Rakuten to buy them, but it looks like the figures are nearly all sold out! Who knew mushrooms with sexy legs and stomachaches would be so popular?

▼ “If ever you come across her, don’t eat!”

shroom (4)

▼ “Not for eating!”

shroom (1)

▼ That certainly looks painful…

shroom (10)

The figures come in a variety of poses, from “pain in the stomach” to “lying at death’s door,” to put it poetically. The figures might make an odd addition to your desk at work, though we suppose they could be a great conversation starter with your boss. If nothing else, you can guarantee no one will ever accept food from you as a business-trip souvenir again, so you’ll have all the Tokyo Banana treats to yourself!

▼ You can also use them to restart your prank TV show.

shroom (9)

▼ Or just confuse your local squirrels!

shroom (5)

But if you do get some of these Poison Kinoko figures, be sure not to leave them out for your dog to eat. We imagine they’d be a choking hazard, no matter how fierce a Survey Corps member your pooch may be!

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Images: ekoD Works