In the land of earthquakes, typhoons, blistering summers and mountains of snow in the winter, Japan’s plentiful and luxurious hot springs are Mother Nature’s way of letting us know that she doesn’t totally hate us.

But the number of true hot springs – where water naturally comes from the ground rather than being pumped in and then heated – is lower than you might imagine. Many places such as the new “hot spring” being built in Shinjuku have their water shipped in from a real hot spring source.

And now, if you live in the Kanto area, you can ship in your own hot spring water too! Why pay entry into some huge complex when you can soak in your own home bathtub away from the leering eyes of RocketNews24 journalists or tattoo-prudes. Oh, and did we mention it’s ridiculously cheap?

All you have to do is head down to Cainz Home Do It Yourself center. Of course not all of these chain home improvement stores offer pure spring water direct from the source, but the one in Hanno, Saitama, just happens to be located on top of a natural hot spring.

Cainz Home could set up a luxurious resort catering to your every need and make a killing, but that would go against the DIY ethic. Instead they’ll just sell you the water and let you take as much as you want home.

Just take a container to the back corner of the Garden Center and fill it up. However, be sure to prepare your container(s) very carefully as Cainz has a very unique payment system You pay 100 yen (US$0.81) for one container, regardless of its size. This means that if you bring a 20-liter (5-gallon) container or a 30-liter (8-gallon) one you still only pay 100 yen.

▼ That’ll cost you 700 yen, or you could just drive up in a tanker truck and only pay 100 yen.

Our reporter Yoshio made the drive out there himself for some of that yellow gold. Naturally, to get enough hot sprig water to take your own bath you’ll need a car, unless you’re one of those strongmen who pull airplanes by your waist while carrying bikini girls on your biceps. However, he said it was well worth it as the road trip itself was lots of fun and, needless to say, his evening bath turned out to be an excellent closer to a great day.

Also, since a Moonmin theme park is rumored to open in the very city of Hanno, it’ll make for a great two-for-one trip. First frolic in the forest with those freaky Finnish folk and then head home for a relaxing hot spring bath.

Store Information

Cainz Home
812-55 Oaza Asu, Hanno, Saitama
埼玉県飯能市大字阿須 812-55

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▼ It’s great to stare at and nod knowingly so people will think you’re smart.

Original article by Yoshio
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