Trying to spruce up some boring drinks? These hamster figures are just what you’re looking for!


When it comes to tiny pieces of fun, Japan’s gachapon figures are consistently some of the best — they’re not too expensive and they come in a wide variety of silly shapes from Pikachu in a futon to creepy gyoza dudes.

But these upcoming drink-hanger hamster figures are definitely in the running for the cutest gachapon figures we’ve ever seen!

▼ Best of all, they won’t pee in your soda!



Part of the Putitto series, these hamsters aren’t your normal cute-butt rodents — they’ve been colored to look like Japanese sweets! Why you’d want your hamsters to look like any kind of sweets, we have no idea, but they are definitely adorable.


The eight hamster figures’ coloring is meant to replicate that of Japanese sweets, including: Chestnut manju, bean daifuku, cherry blossom mochi, mitarashi dango, oak leaf mochi, mugwort dango, hyrdangea mochi, and sweet bean jelly mochi.

▼ Here’s a handy guide!


The figures will be available from March 11 at gachapon stands across the country for 300 yen (about US$2.65) each. Be sure to get a few handfuls of these little guys to decorate all the cups at your next party!

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Sources: Kitan, Japaaan
Images: Kitan