Those in the Kyushu and Shikoku regions of Japan have already been hit with the brunt of Typhoon 11, and the rest of us in western Japan are sitting out the torrential rains and winds inside. Typhoons are a yearly happening here, and bring with them flooded streets, mudslides, toppled street signs, and apparently very interesting underwear

At around 5pm yesterday, Twitter-user @mn7nn posted a photo of an interesting something that the violent winds brought their way, writing: “These stylish underwear were blown in by the typhoon.”

As if finding someone’s underwear on your porch wasn’t enough, this particular pair of rouge unmentionables had something cheeky to say to its discoverer. Written in white against the dark blue fabric is the curious message: “The fun stops here.”

Is this some sort of warning? We can’t be sure, but just in case, we’re going to play it safe and stay indoors until this all blows over! Stay safe out there, folks!

Source and featured image: Twitter @mn7nn via Toychan