Whether people like to admit it or not, a big part of being in a successful band is maintaining an image. Sure, we know deep down that most of our favorite musicians are just normal people with very specific talents, but we still love to see them as their over-the-top personas. David Bowie may be a great singer, but a good chunk of his success comes just from being so flipping weird all the time.

For visual kei bands in Japan, the “visual” aspect—and thus the image—can be almost as important the music for fans, and visual kei band The Black Swan are no different. But despite the dark, often graphic nature of their videos and general image, their drummer has revealed himself to be a big ol’ softie by posting a plethora of photos of his rescue kitty on Twitter…and winning the hearts of Internet users throughout Japan!

The Black Swan are a relatively new band, though the musicians who comprise it have been active in Japan’s visual kei community for quite some time. Fans of the darker side of the genre and groups such as Dir En Grey or the Gazette will probably like the Black Swan for their heavy guitars, pummeling drums, and often howled vocals.

But while their extreme videos, music, and general image may attract fans, it turns out they also have the perfect secret PR card up their sleeve: an adorable kitten!

[tweet https://twitter.com/TBS_LenOfficial/status/636193827838038016 align=center]

While singers tend to hog most of the attention, it was actually the drummer, Len, who found this adorable little fuzzball mewling in his garden. With its mother’s whereabouts unknown, Len decided to take care of the white and yellow kitten, and, after wrapping it in a towel, the baby quieted down.

[tweet https://twitter.com/TBS_LenOfficial/status/636203491875139584 align=center]

He also put a bottle with warm water in the box with the kitten for warmth and captured a video of what might the cutest sound we’ve ever heard.

▼ This must be my ringtone forever!

[tweet https://twitter.com/TBS_LenOfficial/status/636206681186267136 align=center]

The drummer followed up this up with a photo of the kitten sleeping, stating that he still wasn’t sure if it was male or female. He also snuck in a link to the band’s newest single, because why say no to free publicity?

[tweet https://twitter.com/TBS_LenOfficial/status/636493813020626944 align=center]

Here’s another tweet from a few days after finding the kitten, sent at 2:30 in the morning after the baby kitty apparently woke Len. But who could be made at that face?!

[tweet https://twitter.com/TBS_LenOfficial/status/636953635117768705 align=center]

And then there’s this tweet that will make even the stoniest of the stony-hearted squeal!

“Its eyes have opened up a little. And now, it won’t stop crying even if I give it milk or it goes to the bathroom. I had no idea why, but it seems the kitten wants to sleep with me and instead of in its bed. How impudent!”

[tweet https://twitter.com/TBS_LenOfficial/status/637614672057765889 align=center]

▼ Though it looks like Len finally got the kitten to sleep on its own.

[tweet https://twitter.com/TBS_LenOfficial/status/638066230176301056 align=center]

▼ And here’s a video of the kitten falling asleep. Altogether now: “Awwwww!”

[tweet https://twitter.com/TBS_LenOfficial/status/638858599653965824 align=center]

By now, you may be wondering just what this band’s music sounds like. If you’re imagining something sweet and saccharine and just absolutely precious, you are probably going to be just a bit disappointed. Here’s their most recent single.

▼ The Black Swan’s “赫音-justitia-“

You can check out more of the Black Swan’s videos on YouTube, but be warned that some of them contain scenes with nudity and probably are not safe for work.

And in case you need a palate cleanser after the video, here’s the most recent photo of Len and his cat on Twitter. It looks like the kitten’s teeth are coming in nicely!

[tweet https://twitter.com/TBS_LenOfficial/status/641946622415343616 align=center]

We just hope it won’t bite the hand that fed it for the last couple of weeks!

Sources: ITMedia Netoarabo, Twitter (@TBS_LenOfficial)
Images: Twitter (@TBS_LenOfficial)

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