“Hey, Japanese taxi driver, take us to the best takoyaki in Osaka!”

How much luck can you have when asking a cab driver for recommendations in Japan?

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Takoyaki ice cream appears at Japanese convenience store chain

A summer festival for the mouth…but this celebration isn’t suited to all tastes.

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New takoyaki gacha toys designed by a Japanese voice actress come with surprise fillings

Clever new design makes the capsule just as exciting as its contents.

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Japanese YouTuber goes fishing with anime-girl figure, what he catches is too perfect【Video】

You may have seen this scenario before.

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Wearable Japanese tentacle plushies are here to meet all your plush tentacle needs【Photos】

Multiple styles available so you can get the tentacle that’s just right for you.

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You COULD eat a terrifying octopus egg in Japan, but SHOULD you? Let’s find out!【Taste test】

A chance encounter at a Tokyo fish market fills us with intrigue/dread, and things don’t get any less scary when we tear it open.

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Toddler loses beloved plushie in Tokyo, netizens launch frenzied search to reunite them again

If you happen to see a blue octopus by the name of Gar, please contact them immediately.

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Attempting to eat seafood this fresh is a sucker bet, and this time the suckers won.

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Want to be popular with the ladies/men? Be good at making takoyaki, study says

It seems that there’s a connection between “being good at cooking takoyaki” and “getting lots of love confessions”.

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Japan’s Uncle Fist loses money every week selling takoyaki to kids for just 10 yen, doesn’t care

Actually, he does care, but about kids from impoverished homes, not about making money from his octopus dumpling business.

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Police in Japan looking for suspect who threw octopus at condominium over and over for one hour

Full marks for persistence and weirdness, but it’s still a crime.

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Japan’s World Cup match-predicting octopus gutted after loss to Poland… literally

That’s probably one result he didn’t see coming.

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Octopus balls become octopus planets with amazing tweak to takoyaki recipe

Takoyaki dumplings are a ubiquitous snack in Japan, but we’ve never seen them like this before!

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Cute orange octopus from Japan is here to keep your instant cup noodles hot and tasty

The three-minute wait to make cup noodles just got a lot more exciting.

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New cookbook turns the uni-tasker takoyaki maker into a versatile multi-tasker

We thought takoyaki pans were just for making fried octopus balls. Teach us your ways, recipe book!

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Everything you need to know about takoyaki (octopus balls) 【Video】

Osaka is famous for Osaka-style okonomiyaki as well as takoyaki. We’ve taught you all about okonomiyaki before, including how to make it at home, and we’ve taken you with us octopus hunting in the Seto Inland Sea where we showed you not only how to catch an octopus, but how to turn its head inside out. So it’s only natural that we feel you are ready to advance your octopial knowledge by exploring what happens to the eight-legged creatures after the catch. Welcome to the wonderful world of takoyaki, battered octopus balls!

Takoyaki is to Osaka what monjayaki is to Tokyo. There’s even a Takoyaki Museum just outside of Universal Studios Japan on the Universal City Walk, with a collection of food stalls where visitors can taste varieties of the snack as well as see the implements used to make it. And since this is Japan, you can also buy numerous takoyaki-inspired souvenirs.

Let’s delve into the delectable world of takoyaki together, after the jump.

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University students create giant artwork of an octopus attacking a temple, now seeking a buyer

Tokyo University of the Arts, a school founded in 1949 through the combination of a music and fine arts school, is one of the most popular art schools in Japan. It has produced a host of famous alumni, including numerous artists, directors, musicians, and designers, so it’s not entirely surprising to see the university making headlines.

But one of the pieces created for this year’s art festival is nothing short of amazing! This massive work of art, which features a giant octopus wrapped around a Greek-style temple, has captured the attention of people across Japan. Now that the festival is over, though, the students are asking if anyone wants to buy it! If you’ve ever wanted a piece of art to decorate your entire front lawn, hurry because supplies are definitely limited.

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Five Japanese tacos that Taco Bell should have released by now, made and taste-tested【Photos】

Dear Taco Bell Japan,

I’m writing this open letter to first welcome you back to Japan, but also to warn you of a great danger that lies ahead.

When you first announced you would open in Shibuya I was among those who felt that warm feeling of an old friend returning. And even though there were a few hiccups with your grand opening such as the lack of beans and “supreme court tacos” on your online menu, I had faith Taco Bell would rise to greatness in Japan.

However, since then we haven’t really heard much from your restaurant, and that worries me. So, I’d like to present you with five ideas for uniquely Japanese tacos that will not only appeal to the local crowd, but be eye-catching enough to make your brand a name to remember. I even went ahead and actually made and taste-tested them for you!

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Creepy creatures from the seabed that you can eat!【Taste Test】

Although Japanese food is known the world over and Japanese restaurants can be found in almost any major city these days, many people may not be aware of a few of the finer Japanese delicacies–such as the creepy creatures from the bottom of the sea–that you can eat.

When you think of the seabed, if you think of a place that is dark, murky, and full of scary creatures such as giant squid and sea monsters, then perfect! Because today we’re going to meet some of those guys’ roommates.

Join our not-so-intrepid island reporter who prefers to pass when it comes to dining on the low-life relegated to the muck on the seabed. She skips out on the taste tests and instead grabs an unsuspecting foreign visitor to try out some of Japan’s more esoteric treats.

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