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Even among animation aficionados, it can sometimes be hard to justify spending the equivalent of a hundred dollars or more on an anime character figure. No matter how high the quality of the product is, that’s a lot of cash to shell out for something that’s going to just sit there gathering dust on your shelf, even if it looks pretty doing it.

But perhaps it’ll be easier for shoppers to pull the trigger on this particular figure. True, the subject being a busty and bikini-clad anime heroine isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but what makes this figure special is that it’s designed to let otaku cram a straw between its breasts to suck on as they enjoy a refreshing glass of milk.

The enduring fans of Sword Art Online seem pretty united in their love of the series’ leading lady, Asuna, and so much so that her popularity often outshines that of protagonist Kirito. So if one of the other female members of the cast wants to get some attention, she’s going to have to do something pretty provocative.

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Yeah, that oughta do it.

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That’s Leafa, one of Kirito’s traveling companions in the virtual fantasy realms of Sword Art Online. Ordinarily, the elf-like adventurer dresses in an ankle-length dress with medieval accents, but seeing as how the Sword Art Online anime has more than a dozen episodes, naturally at some point she’s also shown in a bikini, and that’s the outfit figure maker Junko decided to immortalize in this new figure.

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Given the natural progression of thought from swimsuit to beach to beach umbrella, it’s not surprising that the figure comes with a tall parasol to help keep the fair-skinned Leafa from getting sunburned.

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If you can tear your eyes away from Leafa’s chest, though, you might notice that the circumference of the umbrella looks to be ineffectively small, which is reason number one to just remove it altogether. And reason number two?

After taking out the shaft, you can instead insert a straw in there.

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The figure, officially called the Leafa Sexy Bikini de Parasol Figure, doesn’t come bundled with a straw, but it seems that any normally sized variety will work. Likewise, the manufacturer doesn’t specify that you have to drink milk with it, but we can’t imagine anyone with a strong enough mammary fixation to buy an anime boob straw figure would choose a non-lactose beverage.

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The figure is scheduled to ship in February, but can be preordered here from retailer Hobby Search for the discounted price of 11,664 yen (US$95). Again, please be aware that inserting a straw requires removal of the parasol, thereby exposing Leafa to the sun’s harsh UV rays, although we imagine most potential buyers can easily circumvent this problem by either lovingly slathering Leafa with sunscreen or simply inserting the umbrella into the pliable buttocks of other anime figures they’ve got lying around.

Source: IT Media
Images: Hobby Search (edited by RocketNews24)