Sword Art Online

Do Japanese people think all those anime characters REALLY have blue, pink, and green hair?

Creator of Sword Art Online asks fans to answer a question that’s often brushed aside in the anime world, with some surprising results.

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Japan’s number-one cosplayer Enako creates jaw-dropping crowd at Winter Comiket【Photos】

This Japanese cosplayer is so popular she creates a phenomenon known as the Enako Ring

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Japan’s number-one cosplayer draws an incredible crowd as she steals the show at Comiket【Photos】

Enako, one of Japan’s most popular and beautiful cosplayers, is ready for her close-ups dressed in an alternate costume of a beloved anime heroine.

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Aichi’s governor shows up for work cosplaying as star of anime Sword Art Online【Photos】

When you’ve got a meeting with cosplayers from around the world on your schedule, a suit and tie just won’t due.

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Anime artist pros draw Wonder Woman to celebrate film’s Japanese opening【Art】

The Western comic icon gets a warm reception from the character designers responsible for some of anime’s biggest hits.

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Cat videos with Sword Art Online dialogue are action-packed, romantic, and official【Videos】

Doesn’t Asuna look beautiful?

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Game’s 3rd TV Ad Streamed

Game ships in Japan on October 27; N. America, Europe on November 8

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Astounding cosplayer is so talented we think she may actually be a Sword Art Online character

After seeing her amazingly recreate so many different looks of the same character, that’s starting to feel like the most logical explanation.

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Fantasy sci-fi anime Sword Art Online to become a live-action, U.S.-produced TV series

Kirito and his fellow virtual reality adventurers to be portrayed by real-world actors.

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IBM’s Sword Art Online virtual reality MMO project teased in screenshots, videos

Videos show players playing demo that includes bazaar environment, combat.

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IBM Japan recruiting alpha-testers for actual VR Sword Art Online game 【Video】

IBM Japan wants 208 people to be scanned into 3-D avatars and put into a virtual world designed after the one depicted in anime Sword Art Online (and hopefully return).

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Amazing Taiwanese cosplayer has Internet singing the praises of her anime musician outfits

Throw on your favorite soundtrack and check out the amazing craftsmanship of Ely.

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New Sword Art Online glasses cut blue light from screens, include awesome extras

A new series of glasses that cut blue light emitted by computer screens features six beautiful Sword Art Online character designs, plus some gorgeous accessories.

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Need a date for Christmas Eve? VR headset lets you share cake with an anime voice actress

Last week we took a look at a new brand of instant curry on sale in Japan that includes a DVD of a sexy model who pretends to be your girlfriend as you eat it. Now, who’s ready for some dessert?

In Japan, it’s not a proper Christmas Eve without a romantic date and some cake, so unattached anime fans will be thrilled to know that one of the industry’s most popular voice actresses is available for a dessert date this year. The only catch?

The date takes place in virtual reality.

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Sword Art Online anime movie announced, will feature all-new storyline from creator Reki Kawahara

Japanese fans of the Sword Art Online light novel series know all about the importance of attending the seasonal Dengeki Bunko festivals in Tokyo. This is the main stage on which Japanese publisher ASCII Media Works and its Dengeki Bunko imprint make all their big announcements regarding the series, and it was no different at the Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival held in Akihabara on Sunday, where it was revealed that Sword Art Online will be made into a new anime movie, with an all-new storyline from its creator Reki Kawahara.

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Anime figure with straw-holding cleavage is the perfect way to enjoy a nice glass of milk

Even among animation aficionados, it can sometimes be hard to justify spending the equivalent of a hundred dollars or more on an anime character figure. No matter how high the quality of the product is, that’s a lot of cash to shell out for something that’s going to just sit there gathering dust on your shelf, even if it looks pretty doing it.

But perhaps it’ll be easier for shoppers to pull the trigger on this particular figure. True, the subject being a busty and bikini-clad anime heroine isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but what makes this figure special is that it’s designed to let otaku cram a straw between its breasts to suck on as they enjoy a refreshing glass of milk.

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Tokyo realtor will give you hundreds of dollars of anime decorations for your new apartment

There’s a huge variety of fees that need to be paid when renting a new apartment in Japan. In addition to an advance payment of your first month’s rent, there’s insurance, the security deposit, the realtor’s fee, and the dreaded “key money,” basically a sign-up cost that you pay to the landlord for the privilege of being allowed to start giving him money on a monthly basis.

Add it all up, and you’ll probably find yourself out several months’ worth of rent before spending the first night in your new home. But there’s a nice upside if you chose to go through one unique realtor, because while you’ll still have some fees to pay, you’ll also get a nice housewarming present in the form of several hundred dollars’ worth of anime merchandise.

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Like a boss – Anime fans pick the top 30 characters they’d like to work for

It’s well known that many anime fans, in the midst of watching a show, start to develop a crush on their favorite character (and sometimes that crush becomes a fullon obsession). But the admiration fans feel towards a 2-D character isn’t always tied to romantic rumblings. Sometimes, they see an anime icon and instead of “I wish that was my girlfriend/boyfriend,” they find themselves thinking “I wish that was my boss!”

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The Wonderful Cosplayers of Winter Wonder Festival 2015 【Photos】

Last weekend it was time for Wonder Festival, the garage kit and model extravaganza held in Chiba Prefecture’s Makuhari Messe. But while the plastic and resin replicas of anime and video game icons may be the ostensible reason for the event, there’s also plenty of flesh and blood (and cloth) passion for the industries’ hottest franchises as cosplayers converge on the convention to show off their costumes and pose for the cameras.

One of those cameras happened to be ours.

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