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Where exactly should we draw the line between “figure” and “statue”?

Just because you don’t have space for a gigantic inflatable Pokémon doesn’t mean that you can’t show your passion for anime in an over-the-top way. Manga and anime publisher Shogakukan is here with a solution that’s a bit more compact, yet no more intense with a premium-priced life-size “figure,” as it insists on calling the 160-centimeter (five-foot, three-inch) tall piece of merchandise.

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Manga artist Rumiko Takahashi has churned out a number of hits in her decades-spanning career, each with at least a memorable heroine, such as Inu Yasha’s time-travelling schoolgirl Kagome, Maison Ikkoku’s young widow Kyoko, and One-Pound Gospel’s nun-in-training Sister Angela. Heck, Takahashi’s Ranma 1/2 had roughly a half-dozen lovely young ladies in its regular cast (although gentleman with taste only had eyes for okonomiyaki chef Ukyo).

But by far Takahashi’s most enduringly popular character is Lum, the alien princess from the artist’s breakout series Urusei Yatsura.

▼ Seen here in her regular outfit of a tiger-striped bikini and accompanied by her cherubic cousin Ten

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Even though the Urusei Yatsura manga wrapped up in 1987, Lum remains one of Japan’s best-loved 2-D icons, and even now she’s in demand as a spokesperson for ramen, energy drinks, and fashion accessories. Her latest venture, though, is a 1:1-scale statue being sold through Shogakukan’s Pal Shop.

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Preorders won’t be starting until mid-January, but a handful of preview pictures of the fiber-reinforced plastic figure have been released. Production is being limited to just 50 hand-made units, and is also being supervised by Takahashi herself to ensure the final product is a proper match for her character that has appeared in nearly 200 anime episodes and many more manga chapters.

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While in-anime Lum can levitate, the statue will come with a steel base, autographed by Takahashi, no less. Finished versions will come pre-painted.

Shogakukan is running a promotion in which one lucky winner who follows the figure’s official Twitter account and retweets tweets with Lumpre (ラムプレ in Japanese), or who likes articles with Lumpre in the title on Facebook, will receive a stature free of charge. Otherwise, you’ll have to shell out one million yen (US$8,330) for it, which, mercifully, includes shipping.

Granted, for that same amount of money you could buy yourself a compact car, but really, if you love Lum that much, are you really going to go anywhere while she’s hanging out in your apartment?

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