Babies and gentlephlegm, noise and churls, it’s time to announce the winner of our weekly photo contest!

This week, we mixed things up a little by asking you, our dear readers, to vote for which of our 10 favourite photos you thought most deserved to be crowned Pic of the Week, and the results are in! Join us after the jump for our overall winner and two very special mentions!

Congratulations to our winner this week, Weizhong Deng, whose stunning photo secured a whopping 22% of the vote.

Taken at Itsukushima Shrine in Japan’s Hiroshima Prefecture, the photo captures the silhouettes of both the magnificent torii gate and some of the area’s many tourists, who look positively tiny standing alongside the enormous structure.


Weizhong Deng - ScaleWeizhong Deng 

Honourable mentions

But of course, there were plenty of other great photos sent in this week. Here are our two runners up, who claimed 16 and 15 percent of the vote, respectively.

“On Duty”

Ilham Rio Baramika - On DutyIlham Rio Baramika


Aaron_Nathanson_ShirakawagoAaron Nathanson

Congratulations to you all!

Think you could do better? You’re in luck, because we’re running this contest every week. Go here to read the rules and find out how to enter. The 10 top entries for next week’s contest will be put up for public vote on Monday, with the overall winner being chosen on Wednesday, September 3! Until the next time!