The promotional campaign for Sadako vs. Kayako, the upcoming horror film that pits Juon: The Grudge and Ringu ghosts against one another launched tongue-in-cheek “general election” ads. The commercials have a seemingly serious political slant for what is actually a popularity contest between the two characters.

In the video, using an interpreter, Sadako tells potential voters that the country is slow in advancements because it has a tendency to hold back. Sadako mentions that she has even gone to haunt America (referring to the American film The Ring), and that she learned there how important it is to step forward. She tells viewers that the Japanese people now are too reclusive, and that if you don’t have the motivation to get up and haunt people, you can’t change the world.

Sadako then goes on to say that she knows that people doubt her abilities because she is a regretful spirit, but insists she has confidence in her footwork, and can move around anywhere in Japan as long as there is a TV lying around. She says because of this, she will be able to hear all of the voters voices, and ends by saying that she is going right now to visit the person beyond the screen.

In Kayako’s video, she first asks the audience if they’re being haunted, and introduces her son Toshio, who she tells to introduce himself. Kayako goes on to say that what Japan lacks now right now is bonds of friendship and love, as well as communication within the family. She says that on the other hand, she and her son have a strong bond, and that she treasures her household over anything else. Kayako proves this by stating that she and her son haunt and kill anyone who comes into their house together. In conclusion, she admits that while haunted video tapes are a great method for reaching viewers, young people nowadays don’t even know what a VHS tape is.

Kayako is currently winning the general election with 5,599 votes to Sadako’s 5,460 votes. Participants can cast their vote once per day on Twitter with the hashtag “#総選恐_貞子派” for Sadako or “#総選恐_伽椰子派” for Kayako after following the campaigns official account “@sadakaya_cp”. Campaign merchandise like cup companion figures, t-shirts, and posters will be given away to participants.

The film is taking part in three different campaigns including a poll to decide which spook is scarier. Patrons vote with their ticket stubs, and may win a present by lottery.

The ghosts will continue to appear in a variety of promotional events, including a wrestling match on June 18. They’ve both allegedly joined the line-up of heavy metal band Seikima II.

The Sadako vs. Kayako horror film opens in Japan on June 18.

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