Inventors will be offering free scan sessions at Comiket, Japan’s largest otaku gathering.

With cosplay, the goal is usually to take a character you’ve seen on a screen, either while watching anime or playing a video game, and bring them into the real world. Now Japanese telecommunications company KDDI (best known as the parent company of mobile phone service provider au), is offering a way to bring things full circle, letting you easily transform your real-world cosplay into a 3-D CG model.

The company calls it the Cosplay 3D Scanner Studio. Rather than being its own room or building, the Scanner is actually an array of mounted cameras that capture images of the cosplayer standing at their center from a variety of heights and angles. This data is then processed to produce a 3-D model which can be viewed and shared via a smartphone app. Tech-savvy digital artists can then add animation, backgrounds, and voice to the model using other creative tools.

▼ Yor Forger is a timely choice for the Cosplay 3D Scanner Studio’s preview images, seeing as how the Spy x Family anime movie just started playing in theaters.

The Cosplay 3D Scanner Studio is set to make its major public debut at the upcoming Winter Comiket event, to be held at Tokyo’s Big Sight convention center on December 30 and 31. As Japan’s biggest gathering of independent otaku art creators, Comiket is also the biggest stage for cosplayers, and KDDI will be offering Cosplay 3D Scanner Studio sessions free of charge at Booth 2231 in the South 3 Hall to help spread the word about its invention.

With the Cosplay 3D Scanner Studio only requiring a two-square-meter (21.5-square-foot) floorspace, it’s compact enough to set up in your home. KDDI is also looking into the possibility of non-otaku-specific applications, such as offering the service at wedding receptions or theme parks, though it also seems like it’d be a great fit for the Tokyo government’s new tax-discount cosplay experience program.

Source: KDDI via IT Media
Images: KDDI
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