Universal Studios Japan (USJ), one of Osaka’s most popular tourist attractions, was hired out for an exclusive event on September 24 for an events called JAL Premium Night. As many of you will know, Japan Airlines, or JAL, is the official airline of USJ and was offering the chance for lucky ticket holders to attend this after-hours event.

And, as luck would have it, one of very own RocketNews24 reporters attended the spectacular event and was fortunate enough to enjoy the exclusive JAL Premium Night, snapping a load of photos for the rest of us to enjoy!

Not even the wet weather deterred the crowds or dampened their spirits, as they still turned up in large numbers to enjoy a fun evening of entertainment.

usj entrance

RocketNews24 reporter Kasa took us on a photo tour of his special outing. One of the first things he came across was Doc and the DeLorean, from the classic 1985 movie Back to the Future—a special exhibition just for the JAL Premium Night.


▼ The DeLorean from the movie was even signed by actor Christopher Lloyd, who played the role of Doc Brown.


▼ Kasa takes the DeLorean for a spin. Okay, not really, but still it made for a good photo-op.


There was also a Back to the Future ride, however photography was not allowed inside the building for that one.


We were told that the ride was pretty thrilling and that it will take you back in time to the ice age, so you don’t necessarily need to be a  Back to the Future fan to enjoy this attraction.

The park was privately booked out by JAL for this special event which took place from 8 p.m. With the park lit up at night, the atmosphere was electric and the place looked spectacular with all the streets glowing with neon lights.

lights usj
usj lights

The popular Amazing Adventures of Spiderman 4K3D ride was also quite impressive. Kazu commented that the 3D glasses were really powerful and the effects felt especially real, drawing gasps from the audience.


All the blockbuster favourites were there, including an homage to Jaws. The giant suspended shark monument was a popular spot for taking photos.


▼ Naturally, our reporter on the scene couldn’t resist a photo either


And if that wasn’t a close enough encounter with a shark, then you would probably enjoy the Jaws attraction where you were repeatedly attacked by a giant shark.

Our RocketNews24 reporter went to this event by himself and was a little self-conscious about it. Wary at first that he didn’t have anyone to share and enjoy the experience with, it ultimately ended up being not that bad, and he had a lot more fun on his own than expected. Of course, if he could have taken someone it would have been a lot more fun, but the atmosphere of the park-goers and being surrounded by people having a good time energised him.

Any feelings of self-pity and loneliness were soon washed away with a beer. Much to Kazu’s delight there were bars on-site serving alcohol so he happily sat a bar counter on his own and chatted with the bar staff whilst drinking beer, eating snacks, and soaking in the atmosphere.

▼Enjoying a drink

When once again wandering the streets, he came across Sesame Street and spotted childhood-favourite Elmo and a JAL flight attendant, both of whom posed for a photo for him.


And it wasn’t just all the characters who were dressed up in costumes either; even members of the public made an effort. Here’s a group that dressed up as Ronald (or Donald, if you want to use his Japanese name) McDonald.

There was plenty to keep everyone entertained and amused and our lone reporter ended up having plenty of fun even though he was on his own.

▼All this excitement had made him work up an appetite. Time for a Minion cake.

minion cake

Another special show exclusive to the JAL Premium Night was the Monsters Live Rock ’n Roll Show featuring live singing performances.

monster show

By any account it was a highly entertaining evening. Whilst most people wouldn’t think of going to an amusement park on their own, it is probably more common than you think, and our reporter learnt to embrace this experience. With plenty to see, watch, do, and eat, there was no time to feel bored or lonely and it turned out to be a great adventure for one.

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