Who does a 15-meter naked giant make marketing deals with? Anyone he wants, apparently.

Just days ago, we heard about the upcoming crossover between hit anime and manga Attack on Titan and Marvel Comics, which as of 2009 has been a subsidiary of Disney. Still, that isn’t stopping the Titans from playing both sides of the fence, as Tokyo Disneyland’s major theme park rival has just announced that two life-size Titan statues are coming to Universal Studios Japan.

Back in the summer, USJ (as the hip Japanese kids call it) announced its Universal Cool Japan project, which promised an array of attractions based on Japanese video game and anime franchises.

UC 3

The four series to get the nod were Capcom’s Biohazard/Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, Gainax’s Evangelion, and creator Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan. So we knew something special was coming, but still, we didn’t expect it to be this literally big.

In addition to the walk-through escape game USJ spoke of last month, Universal Cool Japan’s Attack on Titan-The Real area will house a full-size, 15-meter (49-foot) recreation of character Eren’s Titan form. Fans will also get a chance to see/be terrified by a 14-meter tall statue of the Female Titan which serves as the primary antagonist for the second half of Attack on Titan’s current batch of anime episodes.

USJ has also revealed that part of the Evangelion exhibit will be the Evangelion-The Real 4-D motion theater. The designers’ definition of the fourth dimension seems to be the gusts of wind and sprays of water viewers will be hit with while watching the attraction’s new story.

At least, we hope it’s water.

Universal Cool Japan opens January 23, 2015, and shuts down May 10.

Source: Comic Natalie
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