With details down to the last hair follicle, it’s hard to believe these guys aren’t real!

Advances in our technology are blurring the lines between the real and imaginary more each day, it seems. The leaps and bounds robotics have made in the past decade alone are no small feat, and with hyper-realistic life-size anime characters like these guys from the anime series “Haikyū!!”, it’s obvious that the only limits we face this day and age are our imaginations.

The result of a collaboration between Universal Studios Japan and manga periodical Weekly Shonen Jump, which is bringing a number of exciting attractions to the theme park with Universal Jump Summer, main characters Shōyō Hinata and Tobio Kageyama from the volleyball-themed Jump manga “Haikyū!!” have made a rather impressive appearance at the Shonen Jump exhibition. Take just one look at the photos posted by excited fans and it’s not hard to see why the figures have so many talking.

The Twitter user below is really excited about the details. “At USJ now! I came straight away to see the Haikyū!! chronoids that went on exhibit today. Their sweat, muscles, veins, hair quality… everything looks so real!”

@kaana12 lets us know that while everywhere else in the Jump exhibit prohibits photography, park-goers are allowed to take photos of these two.


We get an even closer look of all the fine details, all the way down to the hair on their fingers!

The exhibition runs until September 4 of this year, and we’re sure these chronoid figures are even more impressive in person, so be sure to head to USJ while you have the chance to see the intricate details with your own eyes!

Source: Twitter/@tarte25252, Twitter/@makijiro0205, Twitter/@kaana12, Twitter/@usj26478656_usjUniversal Jump Summer 
Featured image: Twitter/@tarte25252