When we first met Marutaro the hedgehog last year, he was just about the cutest thing we’d seen in months. Now, over 12 months later, we have to say that’s still the case! And it looks like the adorable little spike ball is only getting more and more popular—popularity that we’d say is well deserved.

In case you haven’t been following Marutaro on Twitter, we’ve decided to round up a few of our new favorite photos and videos of the little guy being adorable, as well as some family photos. Get your fill of loveable cuteness below!

In the months since we last saw Marutaro, it looks like he’s continued his adventures…and developed something of a family! Now, he has a “wife” named Okome, a daughter named Kinoko, and a son called Gonta. With all those mouths to feed, we imagine Marutaro has been keeping busy bringing home the grubs!

▼ His job is less “office work” and more “being cute constantly.”

▼ Though it appears even hedgehogs have to sit through boring meetings…

▼ …followed by a quick lunch devoured standing up.

And not only is Marutaro working hard, he’s also being recognized for his daily work ethic. Twitter launched a new function this week, called Moments, and Marutaro was one of the featured snapshots in time. We’re still not entirely sure what a “moment” is, but we’re guessing it has something to do with Internet-breaking adorableness. Or maybe Marutaro is campaigning to be a time wizard? That…probably makes sense.

▼ At least as much sense as a hedgehog playing charades with a pineapple.

▼ Look at that adorable butt!

▼ “Be sure to get my good side!”

▼ “Backup! I need backup!!”

▼ When designers want to show off new fashion, they call Marutaro down to the beach.

In addition to quelling chick uprisings, modeling on the beach, and just looking cute, Marutaro also moonlights as a musician! We’re thinking he better not quite his day job…though it looks like he might have a promising career as a sports star!

▼ “Ronaldo has nothing on me!”

And our little hedgehog friend is also quite the explorer, checking out dark caves, testing out camouflage techniques, riding exotic animals, and just having a good laugh.

But in the end, Marutaro is really just a simple family hedgehog. He seems to rather enjoy spending time with his nearest and dearest.

▼ Marutaro and son Gonta

▼ Another father-and-son photo

▼ Marutaro’s daughter, Kinoko

▼ The happy couple!

Even so, Marutaro isn’t afraid to get in touch with his wild side…

▼ Or try delicious new food!

After looking at these photos, we can safely say that being a rock star doesn’t hold half the appeal of being an adorable, Internet-famous hedgehog. After all, even rock stars have to wear pants most days.

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Top image: Twitter/@hedgehogdays 1, 2, 3, 4