It’s time to take a break from that office report and treat your eyes to some floppy ears and cotton tails.

I don’t know what the weather is like where you’re reading this from, but the sickly summer heat here in Japan has retreated to the vast pits of Hell from whence it came, and the glorious, perfectly cool and sunny days of fall have finally set in. If you’re sick of being stuck inside at school or work, longing to be outside and enjoying the perfect weather while it lasts, here are some adorable little fluffy buns to bring some cheer to your day.

▼ One of these things is not like the other

“When I asked ‘what happened to your ears?’ one of them grew back.”

▼ A fried prawn going on a car ride? Oh! Well that’s the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen!

▼ Do you remember this most adorable master of disguise?

▼ Or this sweet little derp-face?

▼ …Houdini, is that you?

▼ Roomba cats finally got a run for their money.

▼ A snow hair. Or maybe just a rabbit’s head photoshopped onto a coyote’s body.

▼ We just can’t get enough of this Elvis impersonator.

▼ An epic gathering of precious proportions!

▼ This bunny tries to get closer to his person’s snack.

▼ Bun-bun’s person gets the stare-down when eating a snack. No matter where he goes…

so if work’s got you down, don’t worry, because the weekend is just a hop away!

Source: NAVER Matome 
Featured image: Twitter/@goen0414