Japanese game makers and gamers take their chosen medium of entertainment very seriously, and there are titles out there for just about every conceivable audience, even niche genres such as “BL” (boys love). Although it may seem like the audience for such titles may not be so big, there are numerous BL titles on the market to satisfy the desires of fujoshi gamers.

Even among the many titles, however, one particular game titled Out Division has managed to catch its players unaware with a unique take on the classic memory game. Fancy playing a game of nipple matching, anyone?

Out Division (アウトディビジョン-刑徒隷僕区-) is a BL themed battle card game produced by BLobby, designed with basic functions no different from any other card battle game. The aim is to collect character cards and strengthen them to form a powerful team. All the characters are males, of course.

▼ Opening movie (You might not want to watch this in the office or without headphones)

In conventional battle card games, the characters tend to be given more impressive appearances as they evolve into their stronger forms, but Out Division takes a rather rough approach with its characters. Evolving a character boosts their battle stats, but reduces their appearance to a more beaten-up, vulnerable state. The rare cards even come with “erotic” voiceovers that can be unlocked by evolving them.

▼ So many characters to play with.


The most unexpected element of Out Division, however, lies in the occasional quest trial known as the “Stroke of Lust”, which is fundamentally a memory game that requires the player to match up pairs of identical images. It’s a simple mini game, the kind of which most players will be familiar with, but what’s weirded out the players is the choice of images…

▼ Match the man-nips!


We wonder what was in the minds of the game creators that led them to the thought that “Hey, it’ll be fun to match nipples!”. In a certain sense, this “Stroke of Lust” is quite the stroke of genius.

If you are not completely weirded out yet and are instead interested in matching some illustrated nipples, Out Division is available on both PC and smartphones (in Japanese only; registration required). The game is free to play, but requires a Japanese mobile phone number for account verification in order to have full access to all the features (such as Battle) in the game.

Source: Togetter via Zhaizhai News
Top image: Out Division official website