So well crafted, in fact, that visitors to her exhibition stole some of them!

University students get really creative when it comes to final year projects, particularly when they hail from art and design faculties where their intricate works are just downright genius.

Such is the case for Kyoto University art major @wanekomimo, who spent an entire year crafting an elaborate card game suitable for young girls. Since it was a project exhibition, she went all out and decorated a corner with cute cardboard dressers, posters, and cutouts of the game’s leading characters.

▼ Wait, you’re telling me that she made these all by herself?

Dolly Cordi, as the card game is called, involves the player choosing a character card among five available, then drawing clothing or fashion accessory cards to overlay onto them.

According to Twitter pictures, each piece seems to have different values and rarity, with acquisition somehow facilitated by other elements of the game including counters and other special cards. Every piece belongs to part of a fashion set, and successfully assembling them provides bonuses.

▼ Combine fashion with cards and you get Dolly Cordi.

The game rules are incredibly well-thought out and sounds like fun for visitors to her exhibition corner, as winners of the game get prizes for coordinating tasteful fashion on their “dolls” (hence the name “Dolly Cordi”).

Dolly Cordi was an instant hit among attendees due to its incredible craftsmanship, but things took a turn for the worse when she discovered that some of her cards had mysteriously vanished.

“A lot of cards got stolen and the sets can’t be completed.
I really want them returned. I’m depressed.”

After putting a year of effort into her project, it’s heartbreaking to see people mistreat it. Let’s hope those responsible own up soon and allow her to graduate with fond memories of creating her very own fashion coordination card game.

Dolly Cordi is a mighty impressive production to say the least, made even more amazing by the fact that it was created by one student and could have easily passed as a commercial trading card game. Between it and that graduation project involving dishes making sound effects for food, the future looks bright and bizarre, just like we like it.

Source: Twitter/@wanekomimo via Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@wanekomimo
Insert image: Pakutaso