Leading up to the much-anticipated release of Street Fighter V early next year, trailers showcasing the roster of characters have gradually been popping up online. The most recent of which revealed that Dhalsim, the stretchy yoga master with a penchant for fire, would be making a comeback, something which left some players feeling rather underwhelmed since he’s not exactly a crowd favorite in Japan or abroad.

But whether or you’re a fan of the character or not, few could deny that Dhalsim’s new look is a little bit confusing.

Street Fighter V is due to hit shelves in North America and Europe on February 16, 2016, and in Japan two days later on February 18.

Dhalsim is the 15th out of 16 characters to be unveiled before the game launches, with six more fighters due to be added by 2017.

Donning a turban and uncut beard typically associated with Sikhism, leaving some to question whether Dhalsim has converted religions or if his re-design is just the result of a cultural faux on the part of Capcom.


Regardless, response from the overseas community on the new character design has been mostly positive, while in Japan, the both his roster reveal and makeover were met with mixed responses.

“Who needs Dhalsim?”
“Dhalism’s really aged…”
“SF5’s Dhalsim looks like some kind of alien lol”
“Isn’t Dhalsim supposed to be young? So why the beard?”
“Ugh, Dhalsim… We need more interesting characters.”

“He looks wiser and stronger, tho.”
“Now that he looks stronger I’ll give him a try.”
“You guys are being too hard on the bald guy… I get what you mean when it comes to Chun-Li or Cammy’s ugly designs, but what’s so bad about this?”
“Even a guy like Dhalsim probably wants to change his appearance every now and then.”
“Dhalsim’s got a beard… Now I’m thinking maybe I should grow one, too.”

Admittedly keeping a beard seems a little risky for a fire-breather, as it seems you’d be just as likely to toast yourself as your opponent, but hey we can’t blame him for trying something new.

Source: YouTube/CapcomChannel via My Game News Flash, Twipple
Feature/insert image: YouTube/CapcomChannel