Kick as fast and with as much style as the renowned video game character.

Whether you choose to have a retro Mario or a bunch of Mega Man decorating your sneakers, such video game character-themed footwear are a fantastic way to instantly upgrade the wardrobe while adding an extra boost to your step.

And if you happen to be a fan of fighting game Street Fighter, then Japanese footwear company Onitsuka Tiger’s latest offering and collaboration would be the perfect fit. Modifying their existing model of Mexico 66 D shoes to incorporate the classic yellows and blues found on Chun-Li’s costume, these kicks are a great way to announce your love for the world’s most recognizable female fighter.

▼ They come in two flavors of white…

▼ …and sporty acid yellow.

Silver dragons are worked into the entire length of the upper portion, not standing out so much as to be outright gaudy, but imprinted clearly enough to catch attention. Logos of Onitsuka Tiger and Street Fighter on the heel flap add a stylish finish to the comfortable pair of lightweight shoes.

▼ These would make a fantastic gift to any Street Fighter fan.

The price tag of 18,000 yen (US$160) might seem hefty at first glance, but that is to be expected of exclusive themed sneakers, of which only 5,000 pairs will ever be produced. The good news is that each purchase comes with a code that permanently unlocks special costumes for Chun-Li in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, allowing her to wear the snazzy custom Mexico 66 D, too.

▼ That’s like getting three pairs of shoes with one purchase; one real and two in-game.

The sleek limited-edition Chun-Li-themed footwear will be available in Onitsuka Tiger stores across Japan starting from 27 July. Seeing how previous Street Fighter II sneakers featuring all classic characters got snapped up as soon as they were released, those hoping to expand their shoe collection with a pair of these ought to mark their calendars and get to stores early.

Source: Capcom via PR Times
Images: PR Times

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