“You must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance.”


These days, there are capsule toys for just about everything from cat toys to PET bottle underwear. Not that we’re complaining — there’s nothing quite as much fun as spending some yen on a gachapon machine, right? But thanks to the newest trends in capsule toys, we don’t even need to feel bad about our purchases, because some of them are down right functional!

Just take these snazzy new Street Fighter 2 smartphone stand figures, for example!

▼ You can do it, Ryu! We believe in you!


▼ Okay, come on, guys. There are two of you. How hard can this be?


Sure, you might not think you need a new smartphone stand, but as you can clearly see from these photos, you would be wrong! If nothing else, just imagine how impressed your boss will be upon seeing this Chun-Li phone stand on your desk.

▼ You’re definitely going to get a raise with this next to your phone!



There are four Street Fighter 2 phone stands, including Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim versions, and any one of them can be yours with a bit of luck and 400 yen (about US$3.58) at your preferred gachapon hangout.

▼ But this next to your monitor so you can be never to miss an important call…


▼ …or an important text, because who makes phone calls anymore?



But before you rush out to start throwing coins at capsule machines, you should know there’s actually a fifth figure available: Guile! Though he’s not in the best shape nor will he be much help as phone stand. Instead, the fighter is actually smashed flat on the ground and doing his part to help out around the house as a coaster!

▼ You may skeptical when you see him without a glass, but…


▼ …we think you’ll agree this is just about perfect!


The capsule toys will be available starting around the end of April and are being produced by Kitan Club, who are also responsible for the cat sushi figures. We’re starting to think Kitan Club is on a mission to drain every last yen from our wallets…and we’re really not mad about it at all!

Reference/images: Kitan Club
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