zangief chun li 04


In a contest for best cat ears, you’d expect someone wearing cat ears to win. Similarly, in a contest for “prettiest boy,” you’d think, yep, that a guy dressed in schoolgirl fashion would win the crown.

So in a contest for best Chun-Li cosplay, you’d expect–


zangief chun li 04

In an upset of massive, muscular proportions, that’s exactly what happened at the Street Fighter V release celebration in Tokyo.

To get people pumped about the latest installment in the fighting game franchise, an exhibition was held where, among other Street Fighter-related programs, there was a “Miss Chun-Li Cosplay Contest.”

Japanese Twitter user @shirauzutaisa tweeted the unexpected results:

▼ “The winner of the ‘Miss Chun-Li Cosplay Contest’ is Zangief! Cosplayed by Japanese bodybuilder Taichi Shimizu”

▼ Zangief showing off his best Chun-Li cosplay…
which just so happens to look exactly like Zangief.

zangief chun li 01

▼ “Zangief will humbly accept your Chun-Li cosplay prize.”

zangief chun li 03

▼ I mean, we have seen Chun-Li sporting a beard before….

zangief chun li 02

Perhaps the judges were simply hypnotized by Zangief’s rippling muscles? Here’s what Japanese net users had to say:

“Why is Zangief even there in the first place?”
“So Zangief was Chun-Li this whole time…? Sure! Why not?”
“His smile is making me swoon.”
“Chun-Li… have you been working out?”
“Damn that guy is ripped!”

Agreed on that last comment! This Zangief has legs like tree trunks. How did he get so buff? Did he get his protein from eating lots of bugs? Because if so, then I guess we’re on our way to winning a Chun-Li contest ourselves too!

Source: Twitter/@shirauzutaisa via Hamusoku
Featured/top image: Twitter/@shirauzutaisa