We’ve all got that song that really moves us, gets us caught up in its beats and has us tapping our feet or nodding our head. But are the pleasures of music limited only to the human species? Most would argue that yes, music is an art unfortunately lost on animals. Or, at least, that they can’t enjoy it on the same level as us Homo-sapiens.

To you nay-sayers, hold that thought, because we found one groovy cool cat who begs to differ!

In the start of this 50-second video, our fabulous feline and owner Mike Lavin are seen lounging comfortably together on a bed, facing the camera with R&B artist Drake’s hit song “Hotline Bling” playing in the background. After a few moments of what seems like a staring contest, the beat picks up and Mike and cat begin bobbing their heads in perfect unison to the song.

Even as the rhythm changes, the cat keeps time perfectly, eyes closed in a look of pure bliss as he enjoys what appears to be his favorite tune.

Okay… so he’s probably just enjoying a good old rhythmic scratch behind his neck, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t enjoying song. A number of memes and gifs have been born from this catchy hit, but we think this particular one is just purrrfect!

Source: Mail Online via Byoukan Sunday
Top image: YouTube/Yunus Ayberk Usta