Cat‘s got our tongue, and has us all tricked!

Cats and humans have coexisted peacefully for millennia, yet much about our furry feline companions remains a mystery. Like, what are they really made of? How can they be so weird, and yet so stinkin’ adorable at the same time?

These questions may go forever unanswered, as it’s likely that cats’ only purpose on earth is to play mind games with us. Take Twitter-user @aims2koz’s cats, for example, with their perfectly-timed movements that created a hilarious optical illusion, which @aims2koz caught on video.

@aims2koz has three cats: a black cat named Kohaku, and two tuxedo cats named Komugi and Pan. In the video, we can see the shorter-tailed Komugi start to creep around behind the television, just as brother Pan starts to come out from the other side. The result is one looooong-looking cat that has the Internet doing double-takes. The video spread quickly since it was posted on November 25, being retweeted over 54,000 times and liked over 94,000. Some are skeptical of the video’s validity, but most are enjoying the laughs they got from it, with comments like:

“He went through a growth-spurt.”
“I remember seeing something like this on Tom and Jerry.”
“That timing is too perfect lol.”
“Cats are made of liquid.”

That last statement may very well be true, since, just like liquid, cats do not mix well with TVs. We can only hope @aims2koz’s TV made it through the making of that video unharmed!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@aims2koz