What happens when British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran serenades cats at a Japanese cat cafe? They all run away—except for one cute kitty who doesn’t know what to make of it all.

You’d think that if anyone could win over a cat, it would be the loveable Ed Sheeran. Not only is he a self-confessed lover of the feline species, he’s also recently adopted his own kitten and the singer himself has even been likened to ginger tabbies on more than one occasion.


So when the singer visited a cat cafe during a visit to Japan last year, the furry residents initially fawned over the superstar in their midst.


Sheeran was so pleased he took out his guitar and decided to serenade the cuties with “Thinking Out Loud”, his sweet, romantic ballad about everlasting love. The chart-topping hit may have melted the hearts of fans worldwide but here at the cat cafe, the felines fled, panic-stricken, to the back of the room as soon as he strummed his first chords.

There was one adorable cat who was unfazed by the sound of music in the playroom, however.


It’s not clear whether the fluffy-tailed black cat was enjoying the tune or whether it had mistaken the singer for a ginger tabby, and was dumbfounded by the cat’s mad musical skills. Whatever the case, Sheeran lapped up the attention from his feline fan.


After the performance, the singer rewarded the cute kitty with all the food from the other cats’ bowls. Because a patient cat is a rewarded cat.


To watch the star in action in Japan, check out the video below.

As an added bonus, we get to witness Sheeran’s first encounter with the cute cat bank we wrote about last year. We don’t quite know which one is cuter, the cat-loving singer or the money-keeping cat!



Source: Surarudo
Screenshots: YouTube/Ed Sheeran