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If you’re a budding ninja warrior looking for a place to practice using lethal weapons but can’t quite afford a ticket to Japan, perhaps Kentucky, USA would be a slightly more viable option? And if you also happen to enjoy a drop of Eastern booze in between flinging ninja stars then all the better, as a website advertising a ninja throwing star practice range and sake bar recently popped up online, with the venue itself apparently due to open in spring 2014.

That’s right, boys and girls, now you can spend an afternoon flinging deadly pointed pieces of metal around and firing blow darts at targets, minus the accompaniment of police sirens or requiring a trip to the emergency room.

Ninjas Throwing Star Range’s stylish, one-page website currently offers only a handful of details such as a street address, the fact that there will be a sake bar for those aged 21 and older to enjoy, and that “over 500 different types of shurikens” will be available to buy when the firing throwing range opens this coming spring.

Quite why the word “fuck” is displayed in large katakana characters on the website, though, we’re not sure.

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Details are thin on the ground, but we’ll hopefully be able to bring you more info about this bizarre but intriguing new enterprise soon. We’re hoping and praying with all our innermost ninja powers that this place turns out to be legitimate and not simply a website knocked up by a few dudes with a passion for Naruto and a bit of spare time on their hands.

Source: Ninjas Throwing Star Range via IT Media
Images via Ninjas Throwing Star Range