Feeding fish is an innocent pastime — unless you’ve got a whole pond and a thousand fish instead of a small tank! Then it looks more like a horror movie!

This video of a Chinese woman feeding some fish that are literally jumping out of the water. Although the video below is titled “Peasant woman feeds thousands of fish in a pond”, it remains unconfirmed whether the woman is just a charitable citizen or owns these fish as part of a fish farm.

Nevertheless, as soon as she empties the first bucket of feed into the water, hundreds upon hundreds of the fish can hardly contain their excitement to be the first in line have their fill. Absolutely horrifying or the best fishing technique ever? You decide!

One possible explanation for the feeding frenzy is that these fish, like mammals, may be grabbing the opportunity to bulk up in preparation for the coming winter months.

But no matter what the reason, we found ourselves just as surprised as the onlookers recording the incident, and relieved that nobody found themselves trapped in the middle.

While we’ve never seen fish behave this way in Japan, you might want to be careful when giving out free nibbles to animals in Japan, as the pigeons and deer can be just as crazy.


Source: YouTube/Live Leak via Grape
Top/feature image: YouTube/Live Leak
Insert image: imgur/leeandaska