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Japanese marketers love a good crossover product. We recently covered the very strange Mountain Dew-corn chip mashup, a Pizza Hut-Evangelion pairing, and any number of Hello Kitty crosses. But even weirdness-loving Japanese may be put off by news of the latest crossover collaboration between Circle K-Sunkus convenience stores and menstruation-tracking website Luna Luna: a pink steamed bun.

The bun, which will retail at 116 yen (about US$1.10), is called the Luna Luna Strawberry Cream Milk Bun and will be on sale from the January 14. The pink dough is stamped with the Luna Luna rabbit mascot and filled with strawberry and soy-milk cream.

Maybe it’s just me, as the last thing I want to be reminded of when putting something warm and pink in my mouth is my period, but marketers apparently thought this item would be popular among women…

The bun additionally comes wrapped in paper with bits of female wisdom collected from Luna Luna users. These include pearls like, “When your friend’s boyfriend isn’t that attractive, say he looks really kind” and “Don’t say ‘Let’s grab a bite sometime’ unless you really mean it.”

▼ Here’s some wisdom: don’t use menstruation as a marketing ploy.


Oh, and in case anyone was wondering why you would need a service such as Luna Luna, tracking your individual cycle can help you know the best times to get pregnant.

In the interest of gender balance, perhaps I can suggest a crossover product for men: sperm-count-boosting yogurt drinks! Call me, Circle K.

Source and images via Netorabo