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We all love candy, don’t we? But how would you feel about candy that, rather than tasting like peaches and cream, tastes like pork stock ramen soup?

Well, thanks to the folks at mail order company Nissen and candy maker PINE Co.,LTD, ramen soup flavored candy is now a reality!

The unique candy has come about as a result of a collaboration between Nissen, a company famous for offering a wide range of products from apparel to wines to health products through their mail/online/phone shopping service, and PINE, known for their long-selling pineapple candy “Pine Ame”, which has been on the Japanese market now for roughly 60 years.

▼ Sure, it may look like ordinary candy, but these are no pineapple drops!

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The unusual new product was created through a campaign asking for suggestions for new flavor ideas that the two companies ran for a period of about a month earlier this year. They received approximately 6,000 submissions from the public, and while we can imagine it must have been hard to choose just one new flavor from among so many suggestions, the idea for a pork stock (tonkotsu) ramen soup flavored candy ended up being declared the winner, with the “bold and innovative” idea of a non-sweet candy being praised by the judges.

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After nearly five months of careful product development, the candy has become available exclusively through the Nissen website at a price of 345 yen (US$2.81) per 100 gram (3.5 ounce) bag, with currently a short waiting period for the product to be shipped out due to high demand.

If you’re based in Japan and curious about what ramen flavored candy might taste like, then this is your chance to find out!

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