Coca-Cola’s hot canned shrimp bisque: The newest reason Japanese vending machines are awesome

Just when we thought Japanese vending machines couldn’t get any more awesome, we’re happy to be proven wrong.

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Silky golden ramen recommended by Michelin Guide is so good, we felt like royalty eating it

Only $9 for some of the best noodles in the country.

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Try some Alien Soup from Japan, now with more alien!

It also comes in handy instant cups for those who want their xenomorphs on the go.

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Tottori airport serves crab soup from a faucet and… Dammit Seiji, put down that plastic bottle!

Seiji continues his mad quest to make this website FaucetNews24 with his endless makeshift plastic bottle taps.

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Taiwanese man set off by brush of woman’s hair, throws boiling soup on her face【Video】

Victim pays the price for the man’s “fit of rage“.

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Sushi soup? We try Japan’s latest easy-to-make, so-crazy-it-might-work meal【Taste test】

Our taste-tester Meg finds out if sushi soup is a guilty pleasure, or an unforgivable sin.

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Move over coffee! Japan’s first ever pour-over drip-dashi is a healthier, tastier option

Compared to coffee, this fine cup of vegetable and tuna dashi is cheaper and way more stylish.

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Does this instant “Japanese” soup from France really taste Japanese? We find out

Authentic or a knock off? Let’s find out.

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Japan’s clam chowder tempura is jiggly and crazy, but how does it taste? We find out

We imagined that this would be either amazingly good or excruciatingly bad, and we were right.

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Clam chowder tempura being offered by Japan’s most popular tempura restaurant chain

Tenya buries the lede (under other types of tempura) in its new “Bacon Chicken Tempura Bowl.”

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Bottles containing flying fish now available from Japanese vending machines in Tokyo

Now you can get your flying fish soup stock at any time of the day or night in Japan’s capital.

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Japan’s vending machines somehow become even more awesome with amazing new canned soup flavor

Demi-glace soup is the fanciest-sounding, best-tasting machine-sold canned treat we’ve had in a long time.

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Don’t throw away the bones! How to make Japanese Christmas KFC soup【RocketKitchen】

The perfect solution for the leftovers after your traditional Japanese Christmas KFC meal.

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Check out the newest ‘treat’ from Japan—candy that tastes like pork ramen soup!

We all love candy, don’t we? But how would you feel about candy that, rather than tasting like peaches and cream, tastes like pork stock ramen soup?

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The ultimate hangover cure! Hot canned miso soup, packed with the power of 70 clams

One of the most wonderful things about a Japanese winter is the abundance of hot drinks that become available at convenience stores and vending machines on street corners. There’s nothing quite like popping a coin into a machine on a freezing cold night or while making your way to work, only to have a piping hot can delivered into your frozen palms; it’s an experience that’s almost as satisfying as actually drinking the hot beverage and warming yourself from the inside out!

Stumbling across a good hot soup other than corn potage when scouring the drinks display is always a rare bonus and now that’s something we can look forward to, especially after a night of drinking, with the new canned miso soup from Nagatanien. Filled with the power of ornithine, an amino acid abundant in clams, this is a traditional hangover remedy from Japan, now packed in a can!

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The cold getting to you? Have a warm drink — from a vending machine!

Much has been said on the subject of the ubiquitous vending machines in Japan. Yes, vending machines seem to be lurking around every street corner here in Japan. And while hot beverages may not be among the most unusual products available from a vending machine, they can certainly offer you great comfort when you’re facing the bitter cold during the winter months.

And it turns out there’s quite a variety of hot drinks out there that you can buy from a machine, as a recent post on Japanese trend and information compilation site Naver Matome shows us. Let’s take a look at their selection of beverage options that may come in extremely handy when you’re caught outside in freezing weather.

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Put your washing machine to better use – cook Chinese soup with it!【Video】

There are all sorts of electrical household appliances designed to make cooking easier these days. Multi-functional microwave ovens, bread makers, noodle makers, you name it. Advertisements make these kitchen gadgets look so easy to use, they tend to make us forget that these machines were created to help people who actually cook. They’re probably not going to turn folks who don’t usually cook (microwaveable food doesn’t count!) into instant chefs.

This might sound crazy, but your washing machine might just be the fool-proof cooking appliance! Not convinced? We weren’t either, until we saw this Chinese guy cook soup with his washing machine!

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There’s a Snake in my Soup! We Taste Test Some Popular ‘Soul Food’ from Hong Kong

Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? Perhaps this is why every region has its own brand of “soul food,” embodying the heart and history of its people. For Japan, the most basic and invigorating dishes you can find would probably be natto and miso soup. But how about the powerhouse city of Hong Kong? Apparently, and much to our surprise, Hong Kong’s home-grown food for the soul is snake soup! Before hearing of this, the thought of eating a snake had never really crossed our minds, but we couldn’t help but be curious about the taste. And so, we took to the streets of Hong Kong in search of a restaurant that would sell us some freshly prepared snake. Read More

Avant-Garde Ramen to be Served at Tokyo Game Show, But Is Anyone Iron-Gutted Enough to Eat It?

The Tokyo Game show always has displays and products guaranteed to shock and amaze video game fans from all over.  This year they seem to be leaning more towards the shock with this gourmet experiment.

Remember when you were a kid, you and your friends would put mustard, salt, ketchup, and squished meat into a McDonald’s cup of cola and dared each other to drink it?

This seems to be the concept behind this Soy Milk Curry Ipecac Ramen.

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