Just because it’s called “peach” and looks peach, doesn’t mean it’s peach-flavored. And just because it’s “strawberry-flavored,” doesn’t mean it’s strawberry-flavored either…

Seriously, guys, quit being so naive.

Although not a new treat, a regionally famous Niigata ice candy has been raising eyebrows online in Japan recently for its confusing flavor. It’s called Momotaro (Peach Boy) based on the classic Japanese fairy tale about a young hero who was born from a peach floating in the river.

With such a name, pictures of peaches on the wrapper, and bright pink coloring, you might expect these ice candies to be peach flavored. But you’d be dead wrong because the fine print on the package clearly says “strawberry-flavored,” chosen as such because…why the hell not?

Things get weirder when looking at the very fine print found on the maker Seihyo’s website: An allergy warning tells potential eaters that Peach-boy strawberry flavored ice candies have “apple” inside. This is confirmed by the second item on the ingredients list “apple juice concentrate.” However judging from the lack of any nutritional value in Momotaro it’s probably a distant third to the main ingredients: sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Online comments were largely confused, with some Niigata- and Momotaro-experienced people chiming in to help.

“How can we believe anything they say?”
“That’s too much, man.”
“As someone from Okayama [where Momotaro is from] I’m outraged.”
“Apple Boy? No…I don’t get it.”
“Fruit punch?”
“Fruit paradise.”
“I have fond memories of eating Peach Boy and having my tongue turn pink.”
“Apple flavored peach…wha?”
“This is a favorite in Niigata! It’s great.”
“I’ve eaten this stuff in Niigata, and it’s pretty tasty and refreshing.”
“I remember someone once saying that all these ice candies are actually the same flavor but we just feel like they’re different because of the color.”

In the end candy rarely matches it’s intended flavor anyway, so why nitpick. Then again, why not just call the things Pink Apple Pops? Even in Japanese (Pinku Ringo Poppusu) it’s got a nice ring to it.

By the way the same company also makes Kintaro or “Golden Boy” ice candies with a chocolatey brown color. So you’ve probably already assumed the flavor by now right?

Of course, sweet beans!

Source: Twitter/@mutumi420, Seihyo, via Hamusoku (Japanese)
Images: Seihyo – Momotaro, Kintaro