After reading this adorable comic, you may never be able to look at the humble koala in the same way ever again–but you’ll love them even more!

Japanese Twitter user @achakotya visited either a zoo or Australia recently, and she posted the following four-part comic after hearing an endearing story about koalas.

▼ “The story that the tour guide told us about koalas was super cute, so I sketched a comic about it. I’ve fallen even more in love with koalas now, LOL.”

▼ “Koalas are kind of dumb.”


▼ “When a baby gets lost it clings to a random koala’s back…”


“…and a surprising misunderstanding occurs. The adult begins raising the child as its own!”

Adult koala: “Huh? I had a kid? I guess so…'”


“Because of this, sometimes a worker has to move the baby back to its actual mother. How cute, LOL.”

Worker: “You don’t have any kids, right?”

Adult koala: “Huh? Oh, right, I don’t.”

Baby koala: “It’s probably already forgotten its real mother.”


Japanese net users couldn’t get enough of the funny koala trivia, nor of the author’s cute drawings:

“I’m impressed with your quick sketches! And with the koalas’ way of life, LOL.”

“How stupid, but how cute.”

“Yeah, you can’t NOT fall in love with them. Silly koalas.”

“I hope someone makes a new character out of your designs.”

There’s something positively endearing about an animal that can’t even remember whether it had kids or not, right? We wonder if they would mistake babies of another species for their own, too!

Source, images: Twitter/@achakotya (edited by RocketNews24)