What can you tell from one blank sheet of paper? According to Chinese netizens you can tell if you’re fit or flabby.


Over 40,000 Weibo users have flooded the Internet with images of themselves covering their bellies with a white sheet of A4 sized paper. According to the simple test, if hold a piece of paper vertically over with your waist and your belly is hidden from view, you’re fit. If your waist is peaking out from the sides of the paper, you better hit the gym or get on whatever diet is trending nowadays.

▼ My, oh my, where is her waist?



If you’re looking at these papers from the U.S. or Canada, remember that A4 paper is 21 centimeters (8.27 inches) in width and 29.7 centimeters (11.7 inches) in length, so a little narrower than your typical letter-sized paper.

▼ It should be no surprise that a yogi would pass the test.


▼ Is she cheating by holding the paper that way?


▼ Wow!


▼ Not everyone passes, even horizontally…


▼ Some heads barely pass.


We’re not sure whether this test actually tells how “fit” you are, but we do know that it’s a hot trend. How do you fare? Do you pass the single sheet of paper test?

Sources, images: Shanghaiist