Police were luckily able to return all the fighters to Adventure Mode before any serious injuries were sustained.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police recently announced the arrest of four men from two prominent yakuza families including Takahisa Hasegawa (41) of the Matsuba-kai and Chikahiro Ito (48) of Sumiyoshi-kai.

According to initial police reports, at around 3:00am on 20 November, Ito became involved in a dispute with a taxi driver over an undisclosed matter—just as rival yakuza group member Hasegawa happened to be walking by.

Apparently disapproving of his behavior, Hasegawa began yelling at Ito, telling him that it was wrong for a member of any yakuza clan to behave in such a way towards ‘civilians’.

Well, as the old saying goes, “them’s was fightin’ words,” and a half hour later members from each family totaling around 50 met on a nearby Kabukicho street.

A photo of the scene has been floating around the internet in which police appear to be trying to break up the brawl. However, it hasn’t been confirmed to be of that particular evening. Instead here’s a dramatic reenactment from the hit video game series Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku).

According to ANN News, 100 officers were called in to break up the ruckus. Then, after the dust had settled, police began making enquiries and made their arrests. All four men had reportedly admitted to their crimes, however someone—I’m guessing Ito—reportedly demanded that the police issue a correction stating that it was actually he who scolded Hasegawa for his ungentlemanly behavior, and not the other way around.

After all, it’s a matter of principle.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News, TV-Asahi News (Japanese)